lunedì 22 marzo 2021

INITIATION - The impossible poetry about the Ineffable

"Initiate me" (Morrissey)

Versione italiana al link: Iniziazione

This poem, as the title suggests, is the result of intense inner work, a visceral torment, even in a literal sense.  It arrived - because poems 'arrive' to me, like messengers from another dimension - on a clear morning in early spring, following a sleepless night of suffering due to a dinner of fried meatballs, pasta with sauce and a triple portion of dessert. These elements, not exactly metaphysical, nevertheless combined in an unprecedented alchemical process, giving life to the reflections and images that I then wrote down on paper. 

Because, ultimately, what is initiation? 

It is our first, real, ecstatic falling in love with Life.


It's not just roses,

in the dark cave

But you drink dew

in diamond drops:

Fresh ferveur

What for you is in wait

is just a kiss 


and my mind dances



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