sabato 11 maggio 2019

MOTHER: giving birth, giving to light

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children"(The Crow -W.Thackeray)

There is a biological motherhood, that is, the 'giving birth to the world' and a cultural-spiritual motherhood: the giving birth to the soul. The great contemporary philosopher Maria Zambrano spoke of these two births and how the second, the birth of the soul, is as essential as the first.
Without a soul, in fact, our existence is mechanical, empty, it goes on through inertia and through "shopping lists", prearranged stages without a personal meaning. We could even become super professors with 15 degrees, but our intellect would still remain a heap of academic and librescal notions, not animated by that vital sap that has always been called "wisdom of the heart”.

The birth to the life of the soul is the continuous birth of ourselves, of our uniqueness, of our authenticity. It presupposes the intense desire for a deep and meaningful life, combined with a passion for transcendence, that is, the overcoming of one's own limits of thought, feeling and action. Transcending does not necessarily mean the mystical hermit who merges with the Absolute; it also means overcoming oneself, one's selfishness, the barriers that separate us from others, from life and, in essence, from joy.

To be born in the light of the soul is to be born in the famous 'abundant life' that Jesus promised in the Gospel. It is a way of being in the world in which you participate without interfering, you belong without possessing, you enjoy a flower like a trip to the Maldives, a look like a night of passion. 
It is a life of intensity, and intensity is played out in quality, more than in quantity. To perceive intensity, to vibrate with his poetry, one must be both 'full' and 'empty': empty from distractions, frivolities and daily worries, full instead of ardor, attention and reverence for life.

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