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"...pure light that has become matter."(AlbaSali)

Versione italiana al link:Luce di cristallo

Crystal Light is basically a gentle prayer to Light, concentrated in the image of crystal, one of the oldest and most beautiful witnesses to the origins of the universe. 'Crystals' is also the title of the collection of poems I intend to publish shortly. It is my passionate homage to the Light which, in an extreme outburst of love, imprisons itself in the densest matter, namely in the mineral state. 

This song was born out of a moment of discouragement and disorientation, in which I tend to perceive my life precisely as prison, frustration, stasis. Complicated by the situation of pan-dementia and the like, for more than two years I have been struggling to see some results, my efforts seem to go in vain and I feel no correspondence in any area of my daily life. Hence the invocation of a kind of metaphysical light to help me see clearly, to rediscover love where I perceive its absence, meaning where only insignificance seems to reign. 

If, however, I distance myself from my pain of living, 'Crystal Light' still represents the alchemical process of creativity that transforms suffering into song, gives restlessness a little beauty and makes defeat dignified, perhaps even bearable. 

Below is the video and the lyrics of the song:


Crystal clear,

don’t wanna a live in fear

I’m wasting my best years

Crystal light,

refracted in my eyes

it burns, it makes me blind

But still, I crave that loving kiss

by now i got it missed

and lost my inner glow

I go, heartbroken through the nights

my feelings crystallized 

unheard and undesired

Crystal clear,

this love is just unreal

unlived through days and years

Crystal light

refracted in my mind

will ever make it shine?

and still, I crave that loving thrill

by now I just feel ill

I lost my inner glow

and so, no reason to stay here

no reason to keep trying

forgive me crystal light

forgive me crystal light

crystal light

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