domenica 25 agosto 2019


"And watching television
It came to me as the impression
That it was stealing my time.
And that you were stealing love from me
But then I walked a lot and out of the way
There was a big sun
That I haven't thought about all this stuff anymore.
And everything,s alright, without words” (Vasco Rossi)

Versione italiana al link ...E va bene così, senza parole

I've always been a seeker, a restless soul…rest-less, but also, often, rest-ful. It is not uncommon, in fact, that my thirst for Life and awareness  finds a rest and an answer in moments of touching inner peace and joyful fullness. These are moments that must be lived, more than explained, words do not do them justice. To give a taste of it, I could say that our inner space expands, our perception intensifies, time stops and we feel that, in spite of everything, ‘everything's just alright, Life is perfect’.

Such meaningful experiences of connection usually do not happen by chance: there is some form of preparation, a sort of predisposition, an inner question that invites them. In fact, it is something so simple and paradoxically so powerful that it is capable of transforming, at least for a little while, our way of being in the world.
All this is very different from the feeling of gratification, the satisfaction of a desire or the simple absence of mental pain. It almost seems that there is a precise place in us designed to receive these experiences, a kind of 'organ' to tune in to them; I call this place and this instrument 'soul'.

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