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“I’m old, now, and all I have left is imagining stories I’ve never lived and writing songs I’ll never sing.”(Sara Bini)

versione italiana al link :Un'ansia alla volta, per favore

On the other hand, there is a whole apparatus as powerful and often predominant that tends to stand between our soul and our moments of precious fullness: it is our ordinary biological, and largely automatic,  personality. 
It is not exactly calibrated to experience states of grace, indeed, its day oscillates between boredom and anxiety, repetitive and mechanical activities, habitual reactions, predictable and mechanical emotions. It sees joy as sensual pleasure or social gratification, its ‘restlessness’ manifests itself as anxiety for the future, regrets or guilt for the past, desire to get something or someone, anxiety to lose something or someone.

The restlessness of the soul, on the contrary, can be synthesized in the feeling of "there must be something else, in life". Now, usually this feeling is immediately intercepted by our ordinary personality who interprets it in materialistic and quantitative terms: more things (money, cars, houses, clothes) or more emotions (sex, prestige, exotic trips).
At best, the sense of 'there must be more' leads to an exploration of our untapped potential, through the development of new passions or interests or by recovering talents and skills abandoned in the course of the 'mechanical' life.

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