domenica 25 agosto 2019


“There's nothing more erotic, for me, than a person with a genuine existential longing.”(Sara Bini)

versione italiana al link: Un'anima inquieta

When the restlessness of the soul becomes particularly strong and conscious, we begin to vaguely realize that the point is not so much the quantity and variety of our experiences, but rather their intrinsic quality, their flavor, their resonance. Gradually, we begin to penetrate deeper and deeper into the experiences we are living, enjoying more and more their fullness and also, sometimes, their painful conflicts. We become aware of our inner fractures, inconsistencies, but also of our potential and our resources.

We also begin to take some responsibility for the not always exceptional quality of our daily lives. With some difficulty, we slowly realize that it is not only the fault of the husband or wife, in our opinion so limited and apathetic, if our life stagnates ... maybe it is ourselves who are stagnating inwardly, despite the many external activities in which we embark.

However, setting the inner life in motion and getting to know really ourselves can easily put in crisis well-consolidate and maybe well functioning family or work balances, though they are frustrating. It takes great courage, a lot of love and trust in Life to abandon ourselves to the breath of our soul; it could shake our quiet life, undermine the compromises made to save appearances and corrode all those beloved pseudo-certainties, held up thanks to tons of Malox and Xanax. 

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