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WOMAN, KNOW YOURSELF: the return of Lilith and her children (2)

“I didn't want protection or even the usual "getting happy". I wanted to realize myself to the last chance, both through joy and through pain.”(Isolde Kurz)

versione italiana al link Donna, conosci te stessa

However, Lilith and Adam, in their brief idyll, have also conceived a child, who is destined to carry on the evolutionary work begun by his mother. Whenever his half-brothers, Eve's children, find themselves at a turning point in history, God will send this blessed child back to Earth in various garments and incarnations: artist, leader, philosopher, scientist... in any case a guide and light for the deviated humanity. 
So what is the message of this poem for us? Who is this new Lilith and who are her children?

Isolde Kurz's Lilith is the emblem of an emancipated femininity and at the same time she’s not in contrast with the man: this is possible only if the woman can skillfully harmonize in herself her own feminine and masculine aspects. "Woman, know yourself" could be Lilith's message for contemporary women. This means: explore your passions, cultivate your talents, realize your potential, whether as a mother or as an artist, as a scientist or as a cook... but above all, don't let others dictate what you have to be. Learn to separate the gold of who you really are from the lead of social conventions, from the frustrations and illusions of mothers and grandmothers, from the fears and inhibitions of centuries of patriarchal society, from the unconscious search for Prince Charming and the White Mill Family.

Lilith’s children

And who are Lilith's children today? They are all those who feel within themselves the call to a freer and wider horizon, who do not tire of improving themselves, of transcending their own limits, of burning their own selfishness and negativity. They are all those men and women who are actively working inside and outside themselves so that humanity can still be worthy of this name. 


In today's landscape of constant violence, mortification and brutality, my wish is that the Feminine quickly resurrects in all her powerful beauty and subversive splendor.  It will be precisely her strength of renewal, her capacity for empathy and her innate gesture of love that will bring comfort and redemption to Life on this planet, healing its wounds and restoring its fullness and harmony.

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