lunedì 31 agosto 2020


“This is what the Path consists of: the true transformation of emotions." (Eva Pierrakos)
Versione italiana al link:L'alchimia di ogni giorno

Observing many paths and schools let's say 'spiritual' or of inner evolution, I have observed and experienced on myself (and on others) the tendency to hyperactivity of the mind at the expense of what is actually realized on the level of emotions and behavior.
This is understandable, because the supreme teacher is Life itself, which continually 'initiates' us or would like to ‘initiate' us to a higher awareness through the daily experiences with which it confronts us. However, we do not always receive its messages and go looking for temples, masters, rituals and techniques when at that moment the real guru is our husband who arouses gastritis or our children who arouse anxiety in us.

Normally then, we see a split between what is our daily life and what we think we have achieved on the spiritual path. Perhaps this is facilitated by the fact that we know all the esoteric books on the market by heart or we meditate twenty-five hours a day with the most advanced yogic techniques. 
Fortunately (so to speak) then comes Life to unmask our limits, touching the points where the tooth still hurts, i.e. touching the lead of our consciousness, the raw material still to be refined. And there are also alchemical experiences, those that could support the path of change and reharmonize our lives and our consciences.

Between our intellectual understanding and our acting coherently with it, the shaky bridge of our emotionality lies, so little known and therefore hardly transformed. And that is where our inconsistencies usually manifest themselves, those that give a somewhat schizophrenic character to our lives and sometimes even our physical symptoms.
Transforming lead into gold is precisely this continuous work of focusing the dense and heavy parts of our consciousness and our lives to bring them to less destructive and less pain-producing expressions. To do this work, however, one must deeply perceive that 'evil hurts'... otherwise, if I am still well and comfortable in the shadows, any rational justification is enough to postpone the alchemical work to a date to be defined.

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  1. Bonjour,
    J'adore votre texte, même si je ne lis pas l'italien, et plus ou moins bien l'anglais, et j'ai donc fait une traduction en français via google.
    Votre texte résonne beaucoup en moi, merci !
    J'espère que vous lisez le français ?
    J'ai découvert votre page FB il y a quelques temps après être devenu "ami" FB avec Antoine Fratini, suite à la lecture de son livre traduit en français "Jung animiste ? Psyché et nature" ... Voilà un peu le fil ... :)
    Poursuivez cette belle vitalité !
    Salutations !
    Stéphane Jucquois