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"The supreme skill is to break the enemy's resistance without fighting." (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

"I have what I have given because in life I have always loved." (Gabriele d'Annunzio)

Versione italiana al link: Il principio della superiorità

Sun Tzu's aphorism, quoted in the exergue, states that true superiority is the art of winning without fighting: when two beings meet, one is contained and the other contains. This means that a hierarchy is established on an existential and energetic level, so the one who is more capable of loving envelops and has already won the one who lives in hatred and lies. In the end, it is always about love: the one who continues to give, give and bless despite provocations, wounds and disappointments is undoubtedly the most powerful being on this planet.

Even on a purely martial level, a good warrior does not need to fight in the street, because his very presence of spirit does not invite an attack. Fear is a lack of presence of spirit; like a prayer in reverse, it attracts that which it would like to avoid.

The one who attacks is usually always the most inwardly weak and insecure. During a discussion, it is easy to notice that those who have no rational or real arguments quickly move from the plane of intellectual debate to personal attack. This is an automatic emotional reaction, dictated by anger and fear: one feels 'disarmed' in terms of argumentation or unconsciously uncertain about the position taken.

Superiority, like power, are principles: quality, not quantity. On the other hand, inferiority as well as dependence are very comfortable zones: one does not have to think for oneself or take responsibility for one's choices. To be truly superior one must have, at least in part, mastered fear: it is therefore a faculty connected with the spirit. 

Only those who are rooted in transcendence, who have faith in the intelligence of life or who devote themselves to an ideal - be it justice, love or beauty - can face the thought of illness and death without panic. The individual who is able to achieve this state of mind wins even before entering the battlefield. 

The symbols of power (uniforms, armoured vehicles, weapons) are often only screens to hide impotence and fear. The weaker and more fake the 'authority' is, the more it displays its icons; the more corrupt a state is, the more it issues detailed, vexatious and overbearing laws. The real superiority, in this case, lies in looking objectively at the forces in the field and reacting only to them, not to the display of the symbols of power. 

On 18th October, the demonstrators in Trieste were an example of the principle of superiority, as they responded to the provocations of false power with the Rosary, the symbol of the Divine Mother and of love beyond all discrimination. The demonstrators included, blessed and spiritually embraced the very policemen who were charging them; however this Italian horror theatre plays out, they are the real winners. 

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