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 "There is a characteristic of the human being that I have only recently discovered but which leaves me ecstatic because it has nothing to do with the degree of culture or intelligence of the person. It is not a predictable characteristic because it is a characteristic of consciousness. The pandemic allowed me to discover it and now nothing makes me more curious than to find it in the people around me. It is a spark that is imperceptible to the naked eye and without the social paradigm shift due to the covid it would have been almost impossible to notice it in people. How disappointing it is to find out that this or that childhood friend lacks it. That the family member we love doesn't have that sparkle.What a thrill, however, to find it by chance in the neighbour who seemed unpleasant; in the worker who, intent on telling you his story, unconsciously shows you that very spark. My interpersonal relationships will never be the same again. Discovering this unique characteristic of people now allows me to judge them with a three-dimensional vision of their being.Two terrible years post-Covid, which I hope will soon pass, but which leave me with the gift of this priceless discovery. (Francesco Amodeo)

Versione italiana al link La luce negli occhi

In all this grotesque pandepathic theatre, I believe I have obtained more certainties and more answers to my existential questions than in the other 41 years I have wasted on this planet. It is well known, from my articles, that I have always suffered from the strange syndrome I call 'Nostalgia', that is, the memory of another dimension more in tune with my being and my feelings. Every now and then I have managed to catch glimpses of such familiar light even in this space-time, in the eyes of some people, in the works of the most inspired artists, in heartfelt gestures made without any hidden interests.

Thanks to the c*#@d and our beloved un-government, I am finally finding what I could call 'my tribe', the souls with whom I may have been waiting for in my heart dimension and who, like me, may have been wandering a bit confused and alien on this earth. Over the last couple of years I have been meeting new people whom my soul instantly recognizes as 'family', while I’m losing acquaintances of years with whom I share neither life choices nor basic values.

This tribe is often made up of the socially ‘uncomfortable' guys: those who have not been satisfied, who have continued to follow, with effort and amidst a thousand oppositions, the call of their soul and their authenticity without conforming to pre-established models.

Although different in terms of religious beliefs, political ideology, race or age, they do have some common traits:

  • they did not seek steady employment, economic security and 'stability' or at least not to the extent that they could not pursue their passions and the manifestation of their talents
  • they do not stay long in 'comfortable' marriages or relationships: the ones bases on money, sense of guilt towards their children, on social duty.
  • they do not resort to psychotropic drugs, alcohol or sedatives to cope with the incongruities of their lives: unhappy marriages, management of 'escapades' and extramarital affairs, mortifying work, anarchic and out-of-control children.
  • they are not entrenched behind absolute dogmas, be they religious,  scientific or political in nature, and examine positions that differ from their own, then come up with their own views on the various issues
  • they are well-individualized: you never hear them say 'it's done this way because it has to be done' or 'that's it, period'. These words reveal that we do not really think, but we ‘are thought’ by the current of common opinions of the masses.
  • Finally, as Francesco Amodeo says in the exergue, they have 'the light in their eyes'. This is an increasingly visible feature, for those who are maturing a new and refined sensibility. ‘My tribe' has good, bright eyes that vibrate with presence and intelligence, love and clarity.

Thank you dis-government and thank you pande-vostra, I can now leave this poor planet a little more peaceful and happy.

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