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"Do you know what it means to come home and find a woman or a man giving you a little love, a little affection and a little tenderness? That you've walked into the wrong house, that's what it means!"(Henry Youngman)

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The song 'Heavy On My Heart' by singer Anastacia was released as a single in 2005 and I immediately bought it because I was fascinated by both the music and the lyrics. It is no coincidence that it has come back to me in this dark period and that it represents my mood for more than a year now. I can't know what Anastacia was referring to in this song, and in the end I don't even care, I can only relate the reverberation it has in me at this particular time, which is different from what I could feel in 2005.

The words of the verses really illustrate my sense of defeat and failure, at least from a human point of view, of what I could build and I haven’t, of what I loved to do and will never be able to do again, the feeling of 'a violin without strings' and 'every breath gives birth to deeper sighs'. The refrain underlines my perception of extreme bewilderment and loneliness, with a few flashes of light represented by 'touching the wings of an angel.' 

Personally, I read the bridge's appeal to love and this 'angel' in a non-personal and transcendent form, certainly not in the form of a romantic relationship. I have already said in many of my posts that I have never experienced serenity, joy or security in a relationship, though my requirements had always been quite minimal: a desire to be together, a holiday, some shared weekends. I’ve never asked for the guru to save me or the rich partner to make my material life easier. So, the love I should turn to is that of the Soul, the spiritual warmth, the only one capable of finding me in the dark and never letting me down.

Below is my version of the song and its lyrics.

My rendition of Anastacia’s song at the link:Heavy On My Heart


I try to fly away but it's impossible 

And every breath I take gives birth to deeper sighs 

And for a moment I am weak 

So it's hard for me to speak 

Even though we're underneath the same blue sky

If I could paint a picture of this melody 

It would be a violin without its strings 

And the canvas in my mind 

Sings the songs I left behind 

Like pretty flowers and a sunset

It's heavy on my heart 

I can't make it alone 

Heavy on my heart 

I can't find my way home 

Heavy on my heart 

So come and free me 

It's so heavy on my heart

I've had my share of pleasure 

And I've tasted pain 

I never thought that I would touch an angel's wings 

There's a journey in my eyes 

It's getting hard for me to hide 

Like the ocean at the sunrise

Love, can you find me in the darkness, and love, 

Don't let me down 

There's a journey in my eyes 

It's getting hard for my to hide 

And I never thought I'd touch an angel's wings

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