martedì 12 aprile 2022


"This is one moment

 But know that another 

shall pierce you with a sudden painful joy.”(T.S.Eliot)

Versione italiana al link: Lucciole

At the end of a day,  we should perhaps ask ourselves: have I contributed something beautiful to the world? Did I stop to stroke a cat, contemplate a flower, hug my friends, kiss the one I love?

And if I have done nothing beautiful, have I put myself in the midst of a little beauty? For this too can nourish us. As the poet Shelley would say, have I sought and allowed myself "the enchantment of the heart"? Because perhaps it is only because of this magic, sometimes, that a life can be said to have been lived. 

Here is an example of a four-handed creation: my poem-song 'Fireflies' with the enveloping music and suggestive images of composer Ilio Volante.

Video at the link :Fireflies



In the heart of the night, lying on my bed

with the silk silver light on my hands

and then I contemplate the sky, refreshing my mind

but even when my heart is aching, fireflies…

In the waste of my life, I’m all alone

Through the desert I’m crying, maybe I’m wrong

and then I listen to the silence, my eyes getting dry

‘cause something’s gonna last forever, fireflies

And I always regret, the love I forget

and I always regret, but I have nothing left, left

and then I contemplate the sky, refreshing my mind

but even if my heart is breaking, fireflies

And I always defy, all bad trials in life

and sometimes, well, I might even catch fireflies, fireflies, fireflies 

I can catch fireflies

and one day well I might, even catch fireflies, fireflies. 

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