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"To everyone who has will be given and be in abundance; but from him who does not have will be taken away even what he has."(Gospel)

"The ability to generate money is secretly connected to the degree of openness of the heart."(quot.)

Versione italiana al link : Creare abbondanza

This seemingly paradoxical sentence expresses a great truth. Abundance is an inner feeling, a state of Grace, which must be cultivated independently of the bank account. The more grateful you are to Life for the people who are there and for what you have right now, the more opportunities, encounters and blessings will flow. On the contrary, if you always feel guilty and lacking, you will not even take care of what or who is in your life, you will neglect and lose it. You will not radiate that necessary light that will attract more light into your days. In the long run, indeed, you will unconsciously reject every opportunity for abundance and lose even the little you think you have, be it a job or a relationship.

The ability to generate money and to express love are closely linked. This is not to say that the tycoons of international finance are all Mother Teresa of Calcutta; on the contrary, we know how often they have very little that is noble or human. However, in the absence of psychological blocks related to money, a person with an open heart, with the ability to give himself in relationships and to be sincerely attentive to the needs of others, will find a way to procure his financial independence and provide for his own needs. He may go through 'lean' periods but, on the whole, money, as well as affection or recognition, will sooner or later return to his existence. 

My experience, in a nutshell, has always been 'strive to love, even when the other person takes advantage and does not reciprocate: the economy of Life will reward you.' If it does not return in the form of a healthy romance, it will return in the form of work or beautiful friendships. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, our minds become peaceful and harmonized, unfolding into essentially peaceful days and peaceful nights, without the aid of chemical supports. 

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