domenica 6 febbraio 2022


"From time to time, it would be appropriate to ask ourselves some follow-up questions:

How much am I absorbed by evil and how much am I able to ride it out?

How much light do I have in my eyes?

Is there more love in my life?" (Massimo Rodolfi)

Versione italiana al link: ...Ma

In spite of the obvious appearances, we are also something else, besides a bunch of gagged flesh and bones, tied to a screen, with a QR CODE instead of a soul.


…yet, to us 

who were called

to co-create,

of the impulse of the heart

not even the absence 

is left.

Per prenotare  un colloquio  di Counseling contattatemi attraverso il mio sito  Le Vie per l'Armonia.

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