venerdì 14 giugno 2013

NO MORE LONGING - Self-translated poems 6

Stretching my soul
you played with fire
Now if you go
            don’t miss you

Separation’s desire
-you said
and I see
But I feel no more longing
I’m enough
to me.

There’s a line in my lands
beyond which
            there’s no place
Crossing that border
-you fade-

‘Cause I feel no more longing
in your void
I am breathing

Your absence is presence
I’m full
I’m free

So it’s true
 – no more longing
not a single one longing
I don’t feel any longing,
my love,
for you.

  La versione originale della poesia è in : Variazioni su Tema
Foto di Masayo Yonemitsu

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