domenica 21 giugno 2020

HEAD, HEART, GUT: meeting in the Heart

"With an adequate dose of coffee, meditation and Kinder Breakfast +, I believe I can awaken spiritually even here, on my couch."
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Clearly there is room in life for everything and every human being has the right to his or her own preferences and uniqueness to act, feel and think. The ideal would be a harmonious growth of head, heart and guts based on the saturation of obsolete tendencies and appetites, or even their transmutation and refinement, to the exploration of a range of increasingly radiant and iridescent feelings and increasingly complex and creative thinking.

One of the points where human beings have the hardest time meeting each other is the heart, and by this word I don't mean that unstable emotionality that in a moment goes from "I love you, I adore you" to "I hate you, you disgust me". The heart is our central dimension, it is the place where we can put off our masks and recognize ourselves as companions on the same journey, accept ourselves and maybe even love each other as we are. It is emancipation from sentimentality and false goodness, it is sincere empathy, it is the ability to be true and authentic in order to respect both ourselves and the other. 

In my personal experience, I have observed that the access, but above all the permanence, in the heart dimension was more agile to 'rational' and 'intelligent' people rather than to more emotional, hypersensitive or instinctive people. In the latter type of people, I noticed how easy it is to quickly make a bundle out of all the grass, go from a feeling to its opposite and throw the baby out with the dirty water. On the contrary, a lucid thought that knows how to go beyond the spades and upsets of the moment, manages to guide the person towards the wisest and most harmless choice, perhaps even managing to draw the good and hidden teaching in every situation. 
Head, heart,gut : cultivating and harmonizing such centers, such bundles of energy and knowing how to manage them, rather than being managed by them, remains perhaps one of the most exciting challenges of our human adventure, a courageously open lesson towards ever greater awareness and realization. 

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