sabato 6 marzo 2021


“I am addicted to a drug, named love

And baby you are the dealer.”  (Niloy Shouvic Roy)

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The current situation of paralysis, constriction, hypercontrol and the extinction of all healthy life activity is an excellent pretext for those sluggish and frustrated souls who already had little eros and momentum in 'normal' situations. There are all reasonable reasons to get depressed, to play the role of victim and to procrastinate, if not even to suppress our projects, dreams and aspirations. Objectively, we are immersed in a paranoid and claustrophobic atmosphere, skilfully aimed at destroying desire, which in itself is movement and creation, and the engine of evolution itself.

However, when we look back on our small existences, I don't know how much we will forgive ourselves for living a purely biological life, relegated to the margins of a fictitious 'safety', since we are all going to die anyway, running on the hamster wheel of work, Netflix and Pornhub. I don't know if we will forgive ourselves for not having met that person because of dcpm, for not having hugged a loved one because of fear of Covid, for not having pursued an idea because of lockdown. 

In every situation, we can be at least a little bit the creator of our own destiny, even if only by choosing what to prioritise, what to believe and therefore what to think and act. To do this requires courage, strength and awareness: qualities not available to everyone and certainly not available to those who have always made 'comfortable' and 'safe' choices.

Of course, at the moment, it seems to be the triumph of mediocrity, of the 'average man' who has 'settled down' and has few dreams or worries. But from time immemorial, humanity has been carried forward by what I call 'the children of Lilith', that is, the dreamers, the rebels and the visionaries, not by the lukewarm, the pusillanimous.

This, paradoxically, is the time to dare, to act, to move - even if only inwardly - and design a new world starting from below, from human beings who are still 'human', however few and isolated they may be. Fortunately, among my dearest friends, I see many brave souls who have realised a dream or found true love precisely in this time of death and suffocation. This has happened because they have been able to dare, not to put it off indefinitely, to follow the dictates of their soul and their eros.

If anything, it is better to live with nostalgia than with regret. Nostalgia is yearning for something that was there and that we have experienced in all its dimensions: body, emotions, thought. Regret is sorrow for something that has not been experienced or embodied. It carries with it the resentment of emptiness, of the undefined, like the child who has never known its parent.

Life is now and not in the white or yellow zone, not post-vaccine or post-Covid. There will always be a new Covid to threaten death, because unfortunately death and illness are part of the human condition. But there will also always be a love to embrace, a kiss to savour, a smile to return, a cat to stroke....if we cultivate eros instead of fear.

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