martedì 4 ottobre 2016

Infective affinities 2 - General Tales of Extra-ordinary Madness

I love when a men sleeps with me and then tells anybody about it. I need as much promotion as possible. (Mae West)

She briefly recalled their romance - briefly, because it could not be otherwise. That was all what life had given her lately, consequently she had to work right on this: more glorious battles seemed to be indefinitely postponed.
Mark had begun with fifteen days of savage courtship: personally, virtually and whatsapply. In front of such an insistence and  persistence, even Mother Therese would have given up. Hilde, out of exasperation, had eventually given up. Now that the dust had settled, if she could have imagined that giving it up was sufficient to get rid of him, she would have done it sooner. 

Conversely, he had to work hard heroically for nearly two weeks, racking his brain in all the possible ways to gain some trust and credibility. A commendable work, he even had to go through a couple of her extremely tedious short stories, then he had taken her on a long boat trip, invited her to the opening of his own photo exhibition and finally he had introduced her to his best friends. Poor thing. She sighed full of sincere compassion. If she had only known that all his effort was just to get two nights of sex, she would have spared him the trouble. After all, Mark was not that young anymore and bruised-up fifties-man like him should try to avoid additional stress. 

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