mercoledì 14 ottobre 2020

"YOU MAY SAY I'M A DREAMER...but I’m not the only one"

A:-I do it for your own good!  B: -Thank you…but really I don't need all this love! (From the well known manual "How to smuggle one's own benefit for loving selflessness")

Versione italiana al link:“YOU MAY SAY I’M A DREAMER…ma non sono la sola”

So what to do to move from an attitude of reaction and closure to a perspective of relationship and openness to life? I know that this question sounds very pathetic nowadays, in a society dominated by the logic of fear, distrust, distance and virtual 'relationships'. It doesn't matter, fortunately there are still people who give themselves evolutionary tasks, who feel an ethical responsibility towards their peers and especially towards their children, who deserve a better world than the one currently available. 

Such people are often characterized by a style of thought and feeling that is not rigid or categorical. They have not made too many 'comfortable choices' in life, that is, that 'quiet living' which is often sloth and generates boiling pockets of envy, anger and frustration. They are not keyboard lions in the virtual world and then sheep of flock in real life. The people I’m referring to are the seed of future humanity, still vibrant with creativity, courage and ardor. It is a humanity worthy of the name and that is, in spite of everything, still capable to reflect on:

  • psychological issues: are we willing to distance ourselves from authoritarian models and disagree? Do we really want freedom and freedom of choice for us and for the people we love?
  • ethical-political issues: are we able to observe our cultural system in a critical way, instead of drinking greedily all that is offered to us by the media?
  • pedagogical issues: are we able to raise awareness among the new generations, to elevate them to the noblest human ideals, to the values of benevolence and brotherhood, and not subjugate them to the logic of fear and oppression? 

To the posterity (assuming that there will be one, given the hustle and bustle) the tough sentence.

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