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“My life - take it.” (John Lennon)

Versione italiana: Attraversare ponti - attraversare mondi

Fullness of life, self-realization and joy of heart are very often to be found just a step beyond  our comfort zone. For us, the latter means security, warmth and the static tranquillity of the known: the routine is more or less predictable and we have the illusion of control. On the other hand, however, it is a place of little growth, little excitement and where freedom is only apparent.

The new has disturbing characteristics: the unusual looms, the potentially threatening, the risk of failure and feeling inadequate. At the same time, however, we know that it is in this new horizon that we can fully manifest ourselves as human beings and thus find meaning and mission.

It is the poetics of the gateway, of crossing a threshold; we learn to withstand the sometimes painful evolutionary tension necessary to reach a higher level of awareness - and enjoyment of existence. We thus shatter an image of ourselves that has become sclerotic and obsolete and we transgress the established order that confirms it; in a certain sense we go against nature to achieve our true Nature.

Even if we would like to stay in our comfort zone forever, sooner or later Life, which by definition is change and movement, will destabilize our false certainties. By the way, it will not always do so gently, especially if we have not taken advantage of more pleasant opportunities or invitations before.

It takes strength and courage to cross bridges and join worlds, to risk and experience a widening of our consciousness, in the name of a higher harmony. Once this is realized, we will understand that in this process of expansion nothing real and vital is ever lost - only transformed, elevated and transfigured.

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