lunedì 24 luglio 2023

POETRY: the virtue of attention

 Attention is the cardinal psychological virtue. On it depends perhaps the other cardinal virtues, for there can hardly be faith nor hope nor love for anything unless it first receives attention.”(James Hillman)

Versione italiana:La poesia

At this moment in history, rendering poetry to life becomes , in my opinion, one of the noblest intentions that the fully human being can set forth. 

Not everyone has the strength to do so, because the energetic atmosphere of the planet has been purposely made asphyxiating, dense, demeaning. Never more than in recent years does the earth suffer from low vitality: every human field is deliberately degraded, degenerated and lowered in tone.

In such a panorama, however, there are still those who engage in a spiritual struggle to keep the Beautiful, the True, the Good alive. These are men and women of all races and conditions, accumulated and sustained by a Fire that is not of this world. 

Since the arts and literature are my passion, I appeal to those who can still reawaken the dormant song of poetry with the blessing of a new gaze. The poetic gaze is not easy to sustain; it must know how to traverse inner discomfort and outer chaos until it extracts the hidden pearl, the dazzle of the Beautiful in apparent squalor. 

This is the eye that redeems, but in order to do so, it must first have redeemed itself. One must train oneself with perseverance and discipline to overturn the deadly order of inertia, the comfort of the status quo and the apathy that dumbs us down. It starts by learning to spend a few minutes in silence with oneself, without distracting oneself in the information bulimia of the net and without settling one's emotional charges that are not integrated with everything the system throws at us and that latches onto our most (self-)destructive sides. 

This world, this society is definitely in disarray, but the quality, and even the poeticness, of our experience depends on our state of consciousness. We can work on that, and perhaps the world, or at least ours, will change accordingly.

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