lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

COUPLE OR TROUBLE 2?- Towards a new paradigm

Tell me who you are going with and I’ll tell you if I’m coming with you. (M.Marchesi)

I don’t obviously identify myself with the old couple pattern and many of us are beginning to perceive its limitations. However, even if we feel the inadequacy of the old style, we could be still unable to visualize the new one, because something new must be firstly welcomed in ourselves. So most people try alternative kinds of relationship. Some may want to maintain the sexual aspect of the intercourse bypassing the care/responsibility element; others may try to break all the old clichés and explore the possibility of multiple liaisons or other social taboos.This is an age of uncertainty and consequent experimentation on all levels of life.

The type of couple that is likely to happen with the next generations - though we can find some pioneers even now - might meet other criteria than the current ones, not necessarily better or worse. Those criteria will simply mirror the new kind of human being who is slowly coming into manifestation: the man and the woman who will consciously and actively work to express the best of their potential. I’m not talking about a generation of very damaged and wounded people trying to mutually compensate their shortcomings but about a generation of pretty balanced people who will chose a partner according to such affinities that are not reducible to mere material or emotional concerns.
This kind of couple can cope with the fear of a possible ‘loss’ and they don’t care too much about it because every partner is emotionally self-sufficient. This is why this couple is open to the world: the partners don’t limit their experiences in order to keep the relationship ‘safe’. Conversely, they help and serve each other on the evolutionary path. At the same time they are loyal to their bond and they feel a sense of belonging to each other which is totally different from possession or control. These kind of partners hardly get bored as their relationship flexible structure facilitate renewal and transformation.

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