sabato 13 luglio 2019

MY POEM 'LADY ORPHEUS' - Self-translation

"It was me who invented him, him and many others... I have invented my own memories, without knowing what I was doing, there is not one that concerns me." (Samuel Beckett)

"But it was different, God will know why. My old furniture rots in a barn where I managed to put it, and I myself, yes, my God, I don't have a roof over me, and it rains in my eyes. (Rilke)

Versione italiana Lady Orfeo

I am alone, more than 2000 km from home, in a bar in Seville called "Orfeo", in the grip of my 'ghosts'. My flight was cancelled because of a huge fire near Pisa: burned land behind me. 
A forcedly prolonged vacation that forces me to deal with my unresolved aspects and painful returns from the past. Seville isn’t certainly Chernobyl or the Gaza Strip, but when you have to deal with your personal nightmares, the experience is never a very pleasant one. The way I am, I would have got crazy even in the Norwegian fjords with Brad Bitt. And he, for sure, would have felt even worse!
Then, suddenly, a poem.
Sometimes it happens that, after a meditation in which I ask for light, Life answers me in poetic whispers.

Lady Orpheus

Through Hell
there’s no turning back.

The past is a mermaid
it chains my head
The past is a blade
it breaks my legs.
On and on
the bridges 
I burn 

For through the shadows of Hell
there’s no turning back

I'm not going home
if not fire-tempered 
and alone

Versione italiana al link:Lady Orfeo

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