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DESIRE : the song of the Sacred Fire

"...I find all this hauntingly beautiful. Life becoming poetry incarnate. Emotion taking the place of convention."(Domenico Guarino, ‘Sorci’)

Versione italiana al link Desiderio

This song was inspired by recent encounters and readings, especially the books and words of Domenico Guarino and the music of Patrizia Pieraccini. To my friends, present, close, animated by Fire, courage, Eros. Men and women who make life lived and not chatted, who make actions follow words. The absurd bans and the imposed distances have further increased the desire to see each other, embrace each other and plan. It is an honour to share this earthly adventure with you. I only hope I still have enough time to show you all the love I feel and that you deserve.

It is thanks to you that I have not succumbed to despondency and depression, that I have found the courage to laugh in the face of the absurdity and cruelty of this period in history. It is you who console me in the face of some insipid and frustrating relationships, showing me that there is a world where passion and poetry are still possible. It is you who teach me to give voice to my feelings and emotions before it is too late and who show me with deeds, not words, how much you love me. 

Here are the video, the lyrics and the Italian translation of the song. 

Link to the video : Desire



My desire, it’s the power of your fire

our energy radiates, and it burns away mistakes

Life is power, it’s emotion, inner truth

it’s a vital impetus, I will always dream of you

Oh desire, passion of my soul

sensual, spiritual - I can live it all!

“I love you my friends, it’s a really hard time

our hearts are united, in a diamond of light

we’ll shine on - till the end

till the last of our breaths, I love you my friends

I love you…”

sacred fire, it’s the power of desire

passion in my soul, sensual , spiritual

sensual spiritual, you’re my only love

you’re my only love…..I can feel it all

I can feel it all


Il mio desiderio è il potere del tuo fuoco

la nostra energia s’irradia e brucia via gli errori

la vita è potere, è emozione, verità interiore

è un impeto vitale, ti sognerò per sempre…

Oh desiderio, passione della mia anima

sensuale, spirituale - posso viverlo tutto

“Vi amo, amici miei, sono davvero tempi duri

i nostri cuori sono uniti, in un diamante di luce

continueremo a splendere - fino alla fine

fino all’ultimo dei nostri respiri

vi amo, amici miei, vi amo…”

Fuoco sacro, è il potere del desiderio 

passione nella mia anima, sensuale, spirituale

Sensuale, spirituale, tu sei il mio unico amore, 

sei il mio unico amore, posso sentirlo tutto

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