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"The hardest lockdown is that of our heart."(Sara Bini)

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Emotions, what torment: those who seek them out, those who avoid them.... are nevertheless an essential part of our experience on this unfortunate planet. The word 'emotion' comes from the Latin verb 'emovere', which means to remove, to transport out, to shake. Emotion is therefore something that shakes us out of our habitual state and should drive us to some kind of movement.

To feel intense emotions, to know how to live with them and let them flow, is an indication of high vitality, as well as a fair degree of emotional and intellectual maturity. Trying to flee emotions is to live under the illusion that nothing changes, that everything can be eternally deferred and postponed, in the naive expectation of a positive external event that will bring resolution and crowning glory to an intentionally flat life.

Emotions are the human being's litmus test: it is never an event that really upsets us, but the emotion it can potentially trigger in us. In order not to go through the so-called 'negative' emotions and make responsible choices about their lives, people sedate and distract themselves in every way - with the internet, with study, with work, with alcohol, with psychotropic drugs. 

We still lack the strength to observe those spaces of our consciousness that contain our worst demons but, alas, also our most precious treasures. The depressed person, for example, is a repressed pissed-off person, not a poor victim to be pitied and cuddled, all the more so because he often imposes his deadly and stagnant emotional climate on all those who are unfortunate enough to be around him or her. 

Boredom and drowsiness are two other typical resistances that 'save' us from listening to our own heart and feeling. The organism defends itself by literally going into black-out, switching off or becoming bored or engaging the mind in compulsive activities aimed at distracting us from our emotions. For heaven's sake, escaping from one's inner self and the consequent taking of responsibility is our sacrosanct right, which we usually exercise to the full. 

However, if we have a bit of intellectual honesty, let us not complain when the famous 'chances' in life always happen to others or when our beloved rulers foist a lot of lies on us and peddle 'miraculous' medical or dietary solutions. After all, it is only a mirror, since the first ones to deceive and lie to us, to manipulate and anesthetize us, are us. 

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