venerdì 17 marzo 2023

ULTRAPHANY: What poetry is to me

 "...a spiritual state very like to that cardiac condition which the Italian physiologist, Luigi Galvani, using a phrase almost as beautiful as Shelley’s, called the enchantment of the heart’."(James Joyce)

Italian version at the link:Ultrafania, la poesia per me

'Ultraphany' gathers the flower of that part of my poetic production that radiates from ages 15 to 35. This word, perhaps unknown to many, can be translated as 'manifestation from the Beyond,' a kind of apparition, of communication from another dimension. This, to me, is the poetry: a way of communicating with the Mystery, the Essence of every Life that pulses secretly and magnificently outside and inside us.

Thus, I have reshuffled and re-combined my lyrics according to alchemical and mystical suggestions, imbuing them with that subtle melody that constantly reminds us of our origin in the Absolute. It is therefore a path that winds through the four elements, continuing with the colorful figurations of the soul and then finally resolving itself in the polyphonic experience of con-passion. I hope the reader will enjoy this journey between thought and imagination, intellect and intuition, finding dormant voices of self and memories of other worlds.

You can purchase the book at the link: Ultrafania

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