sabato 24 aprile 2021


“…interior intimo meo et superior summo meo - …more intimate than my innermost self and higher than my highest self” (Saint Augustine, Confessions)

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I have always had the feeling of coming from another planet, from a more rarefied, luminous and subtle reality than the one where I seem to be now. In my own way, I embody and manifest this iridescent, if you like, 'spiritual' dimension in everyday life, which is so practical, material and sometimes coarse. So, sometimes, in the silence of my soul, I feel an inevitable and burning nostalgia for home: it is like the echo of distant fires, of the stardust that is our absolute origin. Often I feel like crying; however, when I embrace this pain, this eternal longing, it gently melts into song, dissolves into poetry. Then I look into the eyes of those I love and, for a moment, I am home again.  I plunge into the heart of my Heart and again I feel the warmth of my essence, the pulsating beat of the Infinite


...and I cradle my cross

on my knees, on the dock



Sirens sing,

lullabies of a distant Fire:

Hic sunt leones

But I flood - and I burn

Hic sunt leones


of the Soul 

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