domenica 11 aprile 2021


“Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head 

And as I climb into an empty bed 

Oh well. Enough said.”(The Smiths)

"He who cannot manage time will be managed by it.

Versione italiana al link: Il tempo è denaro

Just yesterday afternoon I was helping one of my students to do a research in English which consisted of tracking down all the proverbial and idiomatic expressions related to the word and concept of 'time'. More or less all of us are familiar with sayings such as 'a waste of time' or 'time is money'. Nevertheless, I paused again to reflect on the preciousness of this element, especially in a historical moment like the one we are living - or rather, undergoing.

Our time, especially in Italy, is paralyzed and lacking in planning; the unhealthy and sadistic game of colours or dcpm would not even allow us to plan the weekend, not to mention other more far-reaching initiatives. And yet, this very time crystallised in a deadly, boring and stagnant present has made me realise how important it is to fill our lives with vital experiences and meaningful people.

Though before I used to give more space and time to 'dry branches', i.e. to 'lukewarm' or even not very nourishing activities and relationships, now I feel more strongly the need to live with presence, awareness and intensity all that is still possible to experience. I would even add "even everything that would not be 'possible' or 'allowed' to be experienced" - because restrictions exist in our heads even before they do in reality. This means that if I stall a project or a relationship because of the lockdown, I probably don't care about that project or that person anymore and have found a socially approved excuse to stay in my comfort zone.

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