venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

RISEN - Self-translated poems 14

"Sara, mi sa che hai pestato un merda"
"Meglio. Almeno ora le pesto, invece di portarmele a letto" (Sara Bini)

And I’m singing a love song on my bones

Old  bones – come together
Old bones – come to me

The wind swept you off
The rain washed you off
Sun, salt, ice
Crackling of deserts

the frog
croacks – and then

The Singing:
It’s a voice from the East
Old bones – come to me

Shadows disperse
Air is still
It’s the lonesome time
to rise

My limbs I call back
I gather my skeleton
Inhaling my breath
My muscles I stretch
Bones – my bones
A thrill – start again

Old bones – sing together
Old bones – sing to me
A voice from the East
I’m rising

La versione originale della poesia è in : Variazioni su Tema

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